Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Computer Networks and Communications

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Efficient Optimal and Suboptimal Joint Access Point Association and Radio Resource Allocation in WLANs

by Zhiwei Mao

ABSTRACT: The centralized joint access point (AP) association and radio resource allocation problem in time-sharing based dense WLANs with heterogeneous station (STA) throughput demands and identical AP...

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High Altitude Platform Stations Aided Cloud-Computing Solution for Rural-Environment IoT Applications

by Victor Monzon Baeza, Manuel Alvarez Marban

ABSTRACT: This work proposes a flexible and scalable Smart Rural (SR) system for gathering and processing IoT data from remote rural areas with no traditional communication coverage as a handicap. We offer...

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Whittle Index Based Age-of-Information Aware Scheduling for Markovian Channels

by Bejjipuram Sombabu, Bhishma Dedhia, Sharayu Moharir

ABSTRACT: The focus of this work is on minimizing the time average of the weighted sum of the Age-of-Information in a multi-sensor system in the setting where all sensors report their measurements to a...

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Large Scale LEO Satellite Networks for the Future Internet: Challenges and Solutions to Addressing and Routing

by Lin Han, Alvaro Retana, Cedric Westphal, Richard Li

ABSTRACT: This document analyses the problems and challenges of addressing and routing to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites used for the future Internet. It focuses on the scenario where...

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Scheduling Service Updates: A Multi-arm Bandit Approach

by V S Ch Lakshmi Narayana, Sucheta Ravikanti, Harsh Deshpande, Sharayu Moharir

ABSTRACT: Software as a Service (SaaS) instances often use edge resources to serve their customers. The version of the service hosted at the edge needs to be periodically updated to maximize the utility...

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Long Range Based IoT Search and Rescue System, a Human-Computer Interaction Preliminary Study and Implementation

by Christos Bouras, Apostolos Gkamas, Spyridon Aniceto Katsampiris Salgado

ABSTRACT: Nowadays, IoT has been introduced in different aspects of our lives giving solutions to several problems, one of which is the Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. People that suffer from dementia...

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Publisher's Note: Computer Networks and Communications—A New Open Access Journal

by Hang Gao, Russell Li

ABSTRACT: There are networks around us all the time, such as telephone network, telegraph network, TV network, computer network, etc. Even in our body, there are many network systems, such as nervous...