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Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Detecting Application-Level Associations Between IoT Devices Using a Modified Apriori Algorithm

by Juan Benedicto L. Aceron, Marc Elizette R. Teves, Wilson M. Tan

ABSTRACT: Internet of Things (IoT) for home systems enables new functionalities and results in significant conveniences. However, their reliance on a stable, continuous Internet connectivity reduces their...

Open Access Article

Optical Switching Data Center Networks: Understanding Techniques and Challenges

by Yisong Zhao, Xuwei Xue, Xiongfei Ren, Wenzhe Li, Yuanzhi Guo, Changsheng Yang, Daohang Dang, Shicheng Zhang, Bingli Guo, Shanguo Huang

ABSTRACT: Relying on the flexible-access interconnects to the scalable storage and compute resources, data centers deliver critical communications connectivity among numerous servers to support the housed...

Open Access Article

Decentralized Identity With Applications to Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things

by Chalima Dimitra Nassar Kyriakidou, Athanasia Maria Papathanasiou, George C. Polyzos

ABSTRACT: Decentralized Identity (dID) has brought to the forefront the advantages and importance of total user control over identity. Previous solutions delegate identity management to the responsibility...

Open Access Article

Dynamic Session Layer Selection in IoT Actuation

by Rolando Herrero

ABSTRACT: While most Internet of Things (IoT) solutions involve sensing, some of them also introduce actuation mechanisms. Specifically, devices interact with assets in the environment and transmit sensor...

Open Access Article

Review on Machine Learning for Intelligent Routing, Key Requirement and Challenges Towards 6G

by Bidyarani Langpoklakpam, Lithungo K Murry

ABSTRACT: The constant desire for faster data rates, lower latency, improved reliability, global device integration, and pervasiveness are some of the factors driving the development of next-generation...