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Environmental Protection Research (EPR) offers a platform for environmentalists and researchers throughout the world to publish new findings that cover the relationships between environmental sciences and protection research. EPR aims to become a multidisciplinary journal for publication of research on the scientific aspects of environmental protection, which interfaces the prevention and control of air, water, soil, noise and other pollution.

Manuscripts are evaluated based on established guidelines, including novelty, significance of research, and relevant nature of the study, aiming to enrich communication in this rapidly evolving field. Original research articles and critical reviews that cover broadly relevant and generalizable research with a clear...

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Effect of Biochar on Biogas Yield of Poultry Wastes

by Ayoola E. Awode, Josiah O. Babatola, Adedeji A. Adelodun

ABSTRACT: This study investigates the effect of biochar as an additive on the anaerobic digestion of poultry droppings from layers and broilers. Six digesters (A, B, C, D, E, and F) with dry weight content...

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A Multi-criteria Decision-making Approach for Characterizing the Best Low Impact Development (LID) Techniques for Stormwater Management

by Hadi Heidari

ABSTRACT: Low impact development (LID) techniques are known as a novel stormwater management approach designed to mitigate the adverse effects of stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution. This study...

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Probability of Health Risk, Bioaccumulation, and Geochemical Fractions of Toxic Elements in Soils and Vegetables Impacted by Manures in Nigeria

by Helen Solomon Etok, Godwin A. Ebong, Emmanuel Udo Dan, Hossana Francis Udoh

ABSTRACT: The intensive application of manures for the improvement of plant yield is a global practice by farmers notwithstanding the associated negative effects. The probability of health risk,...

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Assessment of the Physico-chemical Properties in the Muni-Pomadze Ramsar Site and its Catchment in Winneba, Ghana

by Nelson Yeboah Boanu, Ishmael Yaw Dadson, Kofi Adu-Boahen, Emmanuel Okyere Yeboah

ABSTRACT: The study sought to investigate the physico-chemical properties of the Muni Lagoon and its catchment in Winneba, Ghana. This was an onsite study, thus all the data were taken in situ. Parameters...