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Environmental Protection Research (EPR) offers a platform for environmentalists and researchers throughout the world to publish new findings that cover the relationships between environmental sciences and protection research. EPR aims to become a multidisciplinary journal for publication of research on the scientific aspects of environmental protection, which interfaces the prevention and control of air, water, soil, noise and other pollution.

Manuscripts are evaluated based on established guidelines, including novelty, significance of research, and relevant nature of the study, aiming to enrich communication in this rapidly evolving field. Original research articles and critical reviews that cover broadly relevant and generalizable research with a clear...

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The Impact of Climate Change and Urbanization on Groundwater Levels: A System Dynamics Model Analysis

by Amin Asadollahi, Asyeh Sohrabifar, Amrit B Ghimire, Bishal Poudel, Sangmin Shin

ABSTRACT: Climate change and population growth have placed increasing stress on groundwater resources. Effective management of groundwater resources is crucial for promoting sustainable development,...

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Municipal Solid Waste Status in Iran: From Generation to Disposal

by Zeynab Golhosseini, Mahdi Jalili Ghazizade

ABSTRACT: The crucial step in policymaking and planning for local governments to select appropriate waste management methods and accomplish the required programs and projects is having comprehensive...

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Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Deforestation in the Central Taraba State: A Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Analysis

by Mohammed Bakoji Yusuf, Umar Abbo Jauro

ABSTRACT: Deforestation, the widespread clearance of forests for various land uses, has become a significant global environmental issue with far-reaching consequences. Deforestation in the study area was...

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Defining Best Available Technique Performances for Urban Wastewater Plants: A French Application

by Jonathan Villot, Valérie Laforest

ABSTRACT: The treatment of wastewater (WW) and the resulting sludge in urban WW treatment plants (UWWTPs) is accompanied by a significant consumption of resources as well as the concomitant emission of...

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Organochlorine Pesticide and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollution of Ilaje Coastal River Sediments, Ondo State, Nigeria

by Adedeji A. Adelodun, Sunday O. Ajibade, Oluwaseun Fadaini, Olayinka O. Oluwasina, Olayinka A. Ibigbami

ABSTRACT: We investigated the presence of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPHs) on the surface sediments sampled at the Ilaje coastal river in Ondo State, Nigeria. The...

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Treatment and Desalination of Wastewater Generated After Steel Degreasing and Pickling in the Tunisian Galvanization Industry

by Hayet Cherif, Manel Wakkel, Dr. Soumitra Poulik, Insaf Krim, Hamza Elfil

ABSTRACT: A case study of galvanization wastewater treatment was carried out to preserve the environment and to suggest a solution to the Metal Galvanization of Poulina Group Holding MBG-Galva industry...

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Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices in Urban Centers of Pakistan: A Comprehensive Review

by Fizzah Ayub, Syeda Laiba Haider Naqvi, Syeda Hamayal Zahra Naqvi, Abdullah Yasar, Rizwana Akram, Jaweriya Niamat

ABSTRACT: Solid waste is a problem in almost every country, but developed countries handle and manage their waste efficiently and usefully. On the other hand, developing countries are still struggling to...