Environmental Protection Research

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Environmental Protection Research (EPR) offers a platform for environmentalists and researchers throughout the world to publish new findings that cover the relationships between environmental sciences and protection research. EPR aims to become a multidisciplinary journal for publication of research on the scientific aspects of environmental protection, which interfaces the prevention and control of air, water, soil, noise and other pollution.

Manuscripts are evaluated based on established guidelines, including novelty, significance of research, and relevant nature of the study, aiming to enrich communication in this rapidly evolving field. Original research articles and critical reviews that cover broadly relevant and generalizable research with a clear...

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Open Access Article

New Approaches in Solid Waste Recycling and Management in Erbil City

by Shuokr Qarani Aziz, Sarwah Othman Ismael, Imad Ali Omar

ABSTRACT: Solid waste management (SWM) is an integral part of an environmental management system. This study focused on the production of urban solid waste, the amount of each part of solid waste, and the...

Open Access Article

Farmers' Perception of Climate Change: A Case Study from Subsistence Farming in Lalehun Kovama of Kailahun in Eastern Sierra Leone

by Abdulai Alpha Jalloh, Great Iruoghene Edo, Priscillia Nkem Onyibe, Laurine Chikodiri Nwosu

ABSTRACT: This study looks at the impact of climate change on subsistence farming. Farmers in the rural areas of Sierra Leone mostly practice subsistence agriculture. A lot of predictions have been done by...