Realize 100% Renewable Energy by Sailing Mega-Solar Rafts in Low-Latitude Pacific Ocean


  • Takaji Kokusho Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, Chuo University, 46-5-1504, Senju-Asahi-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-0026, Japan
  • Eiji Emoto Emoto Engineering Office, 2-2-27-103 Akamidai, Kounosu-shi, Saitama 365-0064, Japan



low-latitude Pacific Ocean, mega-solar module raft, sunshine-energy density, energy transportation


Besides offshore wind power, which is a major target of renewable energy development worldwide, huge sunshine energy affluent in the low-latitude Pacific Ocean may be captured with a reasonable economy by mega-PV solar module rafts always sailing slowly on open seas. Maritime conditions there are very favorable in vast seas with rich sunshine and mild wind/wave conditions with little risk of tropical storms. According to international maritime laws, the open seas are considered open to peaceful sailing of mega-solar rafts, though their impacts on other vessels should be minimized. A crude feasibility study indicates that it is not a baseless dream but worth challenging by integrating already available basic technologies, upgrading, and upscaling. With due international cooperation including island nations, it will contribute to dramatically increasing renewable energy resources for human-being along with off-shore wind power.




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T. Kokusho and E. Emoto, “Realize 100% Renewable Energy by Sailing Mega-Solar Rafts in Low-Latitude Pacific Ocean”, Engineering Science & Technology, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 271–278, Jul. 2022.