Aims & Scope

Fine Chemical Engineering is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal which is semi-yearly published online. It is an essential journal for chemical engineers, chemists, biologists, materials and environmental scientists, physicists and other researchers in cross-disciplinary areas, which represents the cutting-edge research on fine chemicals, and promotes the development of science and technology, optimization strategies, analysis, applications and life-cycle scrutiny of such chemicals.

The following aspects of the science and engineering of fine chemicals are of particular welcome:

  • Experiments, theory, manufacturing and application of fine chemicals, e.g., electronic chemicals, plant extracts, chiral chromatography, molecular docking, medicines, small molecule drugs, pesticides, surfactants, synthetic dyes, pigments, food additives, feed additives, adhesives, household chemicals, information chemicals, functional materials, platform chemicals, Biochemicals and organics, fine chemical intermediates and other specialty chemicals;
  • Water treatment technology;
  • Organic Electrochemical Technology;
  • Catalysis, separation, enantioseparation and purification technology;
  • Resource recovery and recycle technology;
  • Green electrochemical/photochemical synthesis and catalysis technology;
  • Green and sustainable science and engineering of fine chemicals;
  • Bioproduct development, optimization and analysis;
  • Waste to wealth valorization;
  • Environmental management and pollution remediation;
  • Precise customization of chemicals based on molecular engineering;
  • Computational simulations for chemical engineering, etc.

The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, short reports, perspectives, case study, viewpoints and letters.