Fine Chemical Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2021), 38-61

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Recent Trends in the Development of Benzimidazole Hybrid Derivatives and Their Antimalarial Activities

by Waikhom Somraj Singh, Bikash Debnath, Kuntal Manna

ABSTRACT: A parasite of the Plasmodium species initiates malaria. The parasite is transmitted to communities through the bite of an infected mosquito. Malarial resistance towards the commonly used...

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Synthesis and Characterization of Biosilica from Rice Husks as a Catalyst for the Production of Biodiesel

by Herman Hindarso, Indah Epriliati, Dede Hoerudin, Sri Yuliani

ABSTRACT: The synthesis of silica particles from rice husk is a research based on natural materials and is classified as green material. Preparation of biosilica catalyst from calcined rice husk ash was...

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Measurement of Complex Formation Process of Nickel (II) with Freshwater Fulvic Acids Using the Solubility Method

by T. Makharadze, G. Makharadze

ABSTRACT: The complex formation process between Ni(II) and fulvic acids has been studied through the solubility method at pH = 9.0. The old suspension of Ni(OH) 2 is used as a solid phase. Fulvic acids are...