Fine Chemical Engineering, Volume 3 Issue 1 (2022)

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Trends on the Development of Hybrid Supercapacitor Electrodes from the Combination of Graphene and Polyaniline

by Shella Permatasari Santoso, Harry Kasuma (Kiwi) Aliwarga, Livy Laysandra, Artik Elisa Angkawijaya, Felycia Edi Soetaredjo, Jindrayani Nyoo Putro, Maria Yuliana, Felix Pasila, Kuan-Chen Cheng, Hsien-Yi Hsu, Suryadi Ismadj

ABSTRACT: The high demand for efficient energy devices leads to the rapid development of energy storage systems with excellent electrochemical properties, such as long life cycles, high cycling stability,...

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Yamuna Action Plan-III: Impact on Water Quality of River Yamuna, India

by Ankit Srivastava, Prathna T.C.

ABSTRACT: Water is indispensable to sustain life and livelihood, and rivers serve as major reservoirs of water in manyparts of the world. River Yamuna is the major tributary of the River Ganges in India and...

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Effect of Biomass-Based Catalyst in Walnut Shell/Polypropylene to BTX

by Yanan Guo, Xin Pan, Qingjiao Zhu, Jingjing Ma, Qingjie Guo

ABSTRACT: Four biomass-based catalyst carriers with different pore structures were prepared by using a carbonization-activation method, followed by employment in the copyrolysis of Walnut...

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Photo-Degradation of Orange G as an Environmental Pollutant with TiO2-ZnO Composite Material

by Md Abdullah Bin Samad, Md. Amjad Hossain, Tajmeri S. A. Islam, Waziha Farha

ABSTRACT: The increasing water pollution is a great concern as millions of people don't have access to pure water in Bangladesh. A considerable number of people are dying of contaminated water each year not...

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Synthesis and Evaluation of Fluorinated Benzyl Ethers as Alternate Protecting Groups for Enhanced NMR Resolution in Oligosaccharide Synthesis

by Ntai M Khoabane, Elizabeth J Grayson, Alan M Kenwright; Manoharan K Pillai

ABSTRACT: Oligosaccharides have been playing an important role in biological systems. Synthesis of oligosaccharides requires the protection from hydroxyl groups present in the corresponding monosaccharide...

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Reaction Characteristics of Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production by Sludge/Coal Cogasification Based on the Iron-Based Oxygen Carriers

by Qingjiao Zhu, Xintong Guo, Yanan Guo, Jingjing Ma, Qingjie Guo

ABSTRACT: With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization in China, wastewater treatment is increasing yearly. As a by-product of wastewater treatment, the gasification of sludge with coal in...