Fine Chemical Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 1 (2021), 1-38

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Utilization of Nanocrystalline Cellulose for Adsorption of Divalent Cobalt Ions in the Aqueous Phase

by Shella Permatasari Santoso, Artik Elisa Angkawijaya, Alfin Kurniawan, Maria Yuliana, Felycia Edi Soetaredjo, Suryadi Ismadji, Hsien-Yi Hsu, Phuong Lan Tran-Nguyen, Yi Hsu Ju

ABSTRACT: Nanocrystalline cellulose (NC) is a cellulose derivative product that has attracted a lot of attention because of its versatile applications, one of which is in adsorption. In this study, NC was...

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Mg-Al-Cr2O7 Hydrotalcite-Like Catalysts Synthesized at Different pH Values for Styrene Oxidation

by Tran Le Huy, Tran Thi Ngoc Mai, Vu Anh Tuan, Pham Quoc Khanh, Nguyen Thi Minh Thu, Thao Nguyen Tien

ABSTRACT: Dichromate anions were intercalated between two consecutive hydroxide layers of [Mg 0.6 Al 0.4 (OH) 2 ] 0.40+ via co-precipitation at different pH conditions. The physico-chemical properties of...

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Studies of Radial and Thickness Acoustic Resonance Modes of a Piezoceramic with Mixed Polarization Geometry

by A. J. M. Sales, A. L. Magalhães, R. G. M. Oliveira, J. E. V. de Morais, M. A. S. Silva, D. X. Gouveia, H. D. de Andrade, I. S. Queiroz Júnior, A. S. B. Sombra

ABSTRACT: In this study, the Pb(Zr 0.65 Ti 0.35 )O 3 (PZT) structure was produced by the solid state reaction method, and a new polarization geometry was used to obtain the radial and thickness modes in...

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Ionic Liquids: Properties, Application, and Synthesis

by Ehsan Kianfar, Sajjad Mafi

ABSTRACT: Extensive use of toxic and volatile solvents (Volatile) in the chemical industry leads to serious environmental damage. Therefore, finding a suitable alternative for these solvents, which are...