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Journal of Bio-agriculture



Journal of Bio-agriculture(JBA) is an open access, Peer-reviewed, semi-yearly journal which is devoted to bringing together the scholars whose interests fall upon the area of bio-agriculture. We are inviting original research articles, reviews, letters, case studies and commentaries in all topics of agricultural biotechnology for Vol 1 Issue 2(2021). After submission, all papers will be evaluated by peer reviewers for their originality, technical perspective, and correctness, the relevance of topic and presentation quality. Journal staff is committed to a quick turn-around time both in regards to peer-review and publication time. At present, there is no APC for publishing papers.


Aims and Scope

The Journal’s scope encompasses scientific disciplines pertinent to biology, crop science, horticulture, animal science, food science and nutrition engineering, agricultural equipment engineering and mechanization, information and electrical engineering, water conservancy and civil engineering and other production projects with excellent traits. Also, the covered are related subjects in a wide range of sciences such as modern agricultural technology aspects of agriculture robot, agriculture big data, agricultural internet of things, precision agriculture. Articles on meteorology, biometry, and interdisciplinary nature of research in agriculture and engineering also belong to this scope of journal.


Editorial Process

Preliminary assessment: 1 week

Peer review: 4 - 6 weeks

Final decision: 2 weeks

Production for online publication: 1 week


For Submission

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Submission deadline: 25th June 2021


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