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Journal of Social Psychology Research (JSPR) is a fully open access journal that functions as an outlet for pioneering integrative frameworks toward existing social psychology theories and concepts. This journal aims to deliver theoretical and empirical papers based on interpersonal relationships at the level of individuals and social groups. Research manuscripts including articles, reviews, letters, short communications, and case studies that render cutting-edge research findings on social psychology developments are mainly welcome.


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Open Access Article

"Shame on You": Father Parenting Impacts Guilt, Morality, and Stress During Shaming

by Lauren M. Smith, CaSandra L. Swearingen-Stanbrough, Amber R. Massey-Abernathy

ABSTRACT: This paper explores a connection between father parenting traits, guilt and shame proneness, moral identity, and physiological responses to moral shame. In this study, participants answered...

Open Access Article

The Effect of Attitudes Toward Masks on Group Formation

by Bianca M. Sumutka, Lily Halsted, Melissa S. Gamez

ABSTRACT: This study examined whether mask-wearing behavior predicted group formation. In this mixed-methods study, participants rated masked and unmasked faces under the guise that they were choosing...

Open Access Article

Overcoming the Odds: The Relationship Between Childhood Adversity, Lifetime Trauma, and Resiliency in Empathy and Conscientiousness

by Victoria West Staples, Amber R. Massey-Abernathy

ABSTRACT: The connection between trauma and the development of resiliency is not well understood or agreed upon, especially when examining the link between that relationship and other characteristics...

Open Access Article

Exploring Peer Factors in South Korean Youths' Reactions to Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

by Seoyoung Kim, Dong-gwi Lee

ABSTRACT: Youths across cultures show an alarming prevalence of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI). This study explored the effects of perceived peer popularity and relationship closeness on the reactions of...