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Journal of Social Psychology Research (JSPR) is a fully open access journal that functions as an outlet for pioneering integrative frameworks toward existing social psychology theories and concepts. This journal aims to deliver theoretical and empirical papers based on interpersonal relationships at the level of individuals and social groups. Research manuscripts including articles, reviews, letters, short communications, and case studies that render cutting-edge research findings on social psychology developments are mainly welcome.


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The Relative Effectiveness of Altruistic vs. Egoistic Messages in Influencing Non-donors' Intention to Donate Blood in Hong Kong

by Victoria Wai Lan Yeung, Pui Chuen Tam, Eric Kenson Yau

ABSTRACT: Prior research found that egoistic (vs. altruistic) messages were more effective in influencing the willingness to blood donation in Caucasian British students who were committed blood donors. We...

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Daddy, May I? The Interaction of Fathers' Parenting Styles and Their Children's Personality

by Amber Massey-Abernathy

ABSTRACT: While some research suggests that all types of parenting might be beneficial when the context is accounted for, a large body of literature has shown that warm parenting has the most beneficial...

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Experiences of Romantic Attraction Are Similar Across Dating Apps and Offline Dates in Young Adults

by Dylan Selterman, Sydney Gideon

ABSTRACT: This study compared dating experiences through smartphone apps (e.g., Tinder) with offline-initiated dating. Previous research suggests that people feel greater apprehensiveness toward internet...

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Attitudes and Sexual Behaviours Associated With Adolescent Online Pornography Consumption: A Critical Commentary During COVID-19

by Marika Guggisberg, Annie Holt

ABSTRACT: Adolescents commonly seek out pornography, which affects their attitudes and behaviours. Furthermore, the current COVID-19 pandemic saw an unprecedented increase in pornography consumption...

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Whose Dark Traits Spoil Family Communication? A Triadic Analysis of Families Raising Adolescents

by András Láng, Dorian Vida, Gyöngyvér Csapó, Szabolcs Bandi, Ádám Putz, Andrea Czibor

ABSTRACT: Adolescence is a turbulent stage of development for both adolescents and their families. Family communication remains one of the major means to adjust to developmental tasks in this stage....

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The Developmental Significance of the Social Context as an Additional Self-Continuity Strategy: A Comparison of Emerging Adults From Brazil and the United States

by Jonathan Santo, Josafa Da Cunha, Annesha Mitra

ABSTRACT: Self-continuity refers to the strategies individuals use to justify a stable sense of self despite the various changes they experience. Among young adults, in particular, self-continuity over time...