Aims & Scope

Journal of Social Psychology Research (JSPR) is a fully open access journal that functions as an outlet for pioneering integrative frameworks toward existing social psychology theories and concepts. This journal aims to deliver theoretical and empirical papers based on interpersonal relationships at the level of individuals and social groups. JSPR encourages submissions on substantial interdisciplinary research on the theory, content, models, directions, and problems of social psychology developments.

This journal reports and publishes outstanding research results including, but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Achievement behavior and individual work performance
  • Attitudes and attitudes change
  • Customs
  • Group communication structure
  • Individual socialization process, communication, and speech development
  • Interpersonal interaction
  • Normative influence and group norms
  • Partners, family, and living environment and the impact of schools on individuals
  • Personal perception and self-awareness
  • Personality and social development
  • Psychosocial determinants of behaviors
  • Racist behavior
  • Social crime and turmoil
  • Social psychology theory and research methods
  • Stress and emotional problems

Papers are evaluated based on the positive efforts to disseminate valuable information, advance scientific discoveries, and heighten novel insights that are underpinned by this evolving field. Research manuscripts including articles, reviews, letters, short communications, and case studies that render cutting-edge research findings on social psychology developments are mainly welcome. All submitted papers are subjected to a rigorous, double-blinded peer-review process to meet the high standards of publication.