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Sustainable Chemical Engineering (SCE) is an international and open access journal focusing on the latest technological advances and significant cutting-edge research in green chemistry and sustainable engineering with topics coverage related to reducing or eliminating the use of generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products, click here to see more about SCE's aims & scope.

With aiming at providing a unique forum for the publication of innovative research on development of alternative green and sustainable chemical technologies, SCE ensures high visibility of your research results to a worldwide audience both in scientific community and chemical enterprises. Contributions of original research, reviews, short communications or letters, perspectives, and case studies are mainly welcomed.

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Ecofriendly Bio-packing Based on Sugarcane Bagasse Fiber for Potential Application in Agroindustry

by Rafaella A. Aguiar, Jordane S. Rodrigues, Max P. Gonçalves, Fernanda G. L. M. Borsagli

ABSTRACT: The concern about waste in the world is growing because of the significant environmental impact. Therefore, new alternatives are used, such as recycling, biodegradable polymer, agroindustry waste...