Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Volume 1 Issue 2 (2020), 51-113

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Modification of Citric Acid Technology Using Electrodialysis

by B. Igliński, G. Piechota, P. Iwański

ABSTRACT: Modification of conventional citric acid technology has been proposed. Calcium citrate was converted into sodium citrate, which then went through electrodialysis with a bipolar membrane. The...

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Decolorization of Reactive Dyes from Aqueous Solution Using Combined Coagulation-Flocculation and Photochemical Oxidation (UV/H₂O₂)

by M Z Bin Mukhlish, Maksudur Rahman Khan, M S Islam, M I Nazir, J S Snigdha, R Akter, H Ahmad

ABSTRACT: Removal of reactive dyes from wastewater is a great environmental concern. Attempts were made to study the performance of a coupling process of coagulation-flocculation (CF) and photochemical...

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Influence of Mobile Phase Composition and Temperature on the Retention Behavior of Selected Test Substances in Diol-type Column

by Wojciech Zapała, Piotr Ziobrowski, Lidia Zapała, Marcin Chutkowski

ABSTRACT: In this work the effect of mobile phase composition and temperature on the retention behavior of several test compounds (including non-polar and polar substances) on diol-Acclaim Mixed Mode...

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Management of By-Product Created by Lye-Sodium Brine Purification Method Using Carbonization

by Paweł Iwański, Bartłomiej Igliński, Grzegorz Piechota

ABSTRACT: The article presents carbonization as a method of waste management from the brine sodium-lime method. It was compared with the previously obtained results for the lye-sodium one. Within it, the...

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Supporting Conversion Section of Hydrogen Production Unit by Membrane Modules to Produce Extra-Pure Hydrogen and Improving Equilibrium Conversion

by M. Sarkarzadeh, Mohammad Farsi

ABSTRACT: The main object of this research is the modification of an industrial hydrogen production unit with palladium-based membrane modules to produce extra-pure hydrogen and shift reactions toward the...

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Integration of Operability Framework and Pareto Optimal Front to Calculate Optimal Condition of Ethane Cracking Process

by M. Farsi

ABSTRACT: The main aim of this research is to present an optimization procedure based on the integration of operability framework and multi-objective optimization concepts to find the single optimal...