Sustainable Chemical Engineering, Volume 4 Issue 2 (2023), 40-173

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Introducing a High Throughput Nanozymatic Method for Eco-Friendly Nanozyme-Mediated Degradation of Methylene Blue in Real Water Media

by Saeed Reza Hormozi Jangi

ABSTRACT: A high throughput nanozyme-based catalytic system was developed for eco-friendly nanozyme-mediated biodegradation of organic dye, methylene blue, in real water media. The above-mentioned nanozymes...

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Preparation of Adhesive from Cassava Starch and Evaluation of its Physicochemical Properties

by S. Sivamani, T. Raja

ABSTRACT: Adhesives can be used as sealing agents, to eliminate the effect of self-loosening caused by dynamic loads, sealing of areas to prevent oxidation and corrosion, waterproofing, and so on. The aim...

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Retraction: [Simple, Green and Low-Cost Ni Nanoparticles/Tissue-Derived Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbon Nanocomposites as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Methanol Oxidation Reaction]

by Jiajie Lin, Jingchuang Zhao, Huiyan Fang, Changhui Tan, Yancai Li

ABSTRACT: Retraction Note   At the request of the Journal Editor, the Publisher and the author, the following article entitled, "Simple, Green and Low-Cost Ni Nanoparticles/Tissue-Derived...

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Photocatalytic Oxidation of Benzene to Phenol and Dye Over N and S Doped Ferromagnetic Nanosize TiO2

by Madhavi Shete, Julio Fernandes

ABSTRACT: In the present investigation, we report the presence of N, S and Ti 3+ in the TiO 2 samples and the surface exhibits acidic characteristics. Synthesized TiO 2 samples were also found to be...

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After Explosion - Battery Degradation Analysis using DSC and SEM

by Basheer Nagoor SK, Shanmukh Varun Teja, Chinnadurai T, Saravanan S, Karthigai Pandiyan M

ABSTRACT: Thermal management of the battery is essential for effective utilization in various environmental conditions and for long-term usage. Failure of controlling and monitoring of battery over-heat...

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Electrolytic Process for Concentrating Trace Tritium in Water for Tritium Activity Measurement by Liquid Scintillation Counter

by Al Mamun

ABSTRACT: In arid regions, the water contains very low levels of tritium, which cannot be detected by conventional liquid scintillation counters (LSC). For the evaluation of the tritium activity...

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The Potentiality of Reuse Industrial Waste for Diverse Water Treatment -An Overview

by Rafaella Azevedo Aguiar, Jordane Silva Rodrigues, Micheli de Souza Bernardes, Jhonatan do Amparo Madureira, Fernanda G. L. Medeiros Borsagli

ABSTRACT: The proliferation of different pollutants in waters caused by anthropogenic and industrial activities has become a significant global concern, as they cause many problems, like severe health and...

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Microbial Fuel Cell, Their Type, Working Principle and Different Factors Affecting Their Performance: A Review

by Dileep Ahmad, Muhammad Haroon, Naeemullah, Fazal Haq, Amir Zeb, Sahid Mahmood, Murwarid, Mehwish Kiran

ABSTRACT: Microbial fuel cell (MFC) is a green technology and is an alternative energy resource of fossil fuels. MFC is the class of Bio-electro-chemical patterns with novel property, like wastewater...

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Biosensors for Carcinoembryonic Antigen Detection for Future Prospective: A Review

by Sudheer Kumar, Sukhila Krishnan

ABSTRACT: Recently, the increasing number of cancer disease is a challenge for researchers and lots of people died from this cause. Only one solution for this disease is proper diagnosis and detection of...