Prof. Dr. Binsheng (Ben) Zhang
Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Management,
Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK
Interests: design, analysis and modelling of concrete;
timber and steel structures; construction materials technology

Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. Kezhen Yan
Department of Road and Traffic Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha, China
Interests: road materials; pavement structural design; soil mechanics
Prof. Dr. Lihong Tong
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, East China Jiaotong University, China
Interests: soil constitutive theory; subgrade engineering; theory of plates and shells; thermoacoustics


Editorial Board Members

Prof. Dr. Farid Abed
Department of Civil Engineering, American University of Sharjah, UAE, United States
Interests: Computational solids and structural mechanics; Nonlinear finite element analysis; Constitutive modeling; Damage mechanics; Composites

Prof. Dr. José Barroso de Aguiar
Centre for Territory, Environment and Construction (CTAC), University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
Interests: Durability of materials; Polymers in concrete; Phase change materials; Geopolymers

Prof. Dr. Adem Akpinar
Bursa Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey
Interests: Design of coastal structures, Coastal engineering, Wave modelling, Wave energy, Climate change and climate modelling, Coastal zone management

Prof. Dr. Nadhir Al-Ansari 
Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Resources,Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden
Interests: Water resources; Environment; Geology; Civil engineering

Prof. Dr. Michele Barbato
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, California, United States
Interests: Reinforced concrete; Steel-concrete; Wood-concrete composite structures; Soil-foundation-structure interaction systems; Structural and geotechnical systems

Prof. Dr. René de Borst
Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Interests: Geomechanics; Continuum mechanics; Computational mechanics; Solid mechanics; Fracture

Prof. Dr. Félix Darve
Laboratoire sols solides structures, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France
Interests: Geomechanics; soils; Rocks; Constitutive relations; Elasto-plasticity

Dr. Hassan Hemida
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Interests: Fluid dynamics; Vehicles aerodynamics; Wind energy; Experimental fluid mechanics; Atmospheric wind

Prof. Dr. Pier Paolo Rossi
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Catania, Catania, Italy
Interests: Earthquake engineering; steel structures; reinforced concrete structures; bridge engineering

Prof. Dr. Paulo Fernando Antunes dos Santos
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
Interests: Building physics; Energy efficient buildings; Sustainable buildings; Construction health and safety; Lightweight steel framed (LSF) construction

Prof. Dr. Zhanping Song
Geotechnical and Underground Engineering Laboratory, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an, China
Interests: Urban underground space and underground engineering; Smart geotechnical engineering; Tunnel Engineering

Prof. Dr. Hao Wang
Key Laboratory of Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structure of the Ministry of Education, Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Interests: Bridge engineering; Bridge earthquake and wind resistance; Earthquake resistance and disaster prevention of engineering structures

Prof. Dr. Ileana Corbi
Department of Civil, Building and Enviromental Engineering, University of Naples "Federico II" , Via Claudio 21, 80125 Napoli, Italy
Interests: Behavior of solids and structures; slope stability, modeling of stress distribution in foundation soil; stress interaction between soil and structure; dynamics and structural control

Prof. Dr. Zenonas Turskis
Institute of Sustainable Construction, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius, Lithuania
Interests: Civil engineering; ; Multiple criteria decision making; Decision Support Systems;  Construction engineering and management

Prof. Dr. Alireza Nouri
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Interests: Petroleum geomechanics related areas which include sand production; Hydraulic fracturing; Caprock integrity assessment

Prof. Dr. C. W. Lim
Department of Civil Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Interests: Plate and shell structures; Dynamics of smart piezoelectric structures; Nanomechanics and symplectic elasticity

Prof. Dr. Huchang Liao
Business School, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China
Interests: Decision and Game; Forecast and Evaluation; Management Statistics Theory and Method

Prof. Dr. Adnan Ibrahimbegovic
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, UTC, Compiègne, France
Computational mechanics; Solid mechanics; Structural mechanics; Multibody systems

Prof. Dr. Claudio Borri
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICEA), University of Florence, Florence, Italy
Interests: Mechanics; Wind engineering

Prof. Dr. Jae-Seung Hwang
School of Architecture, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea
Interests: Wind engineering;  System identification(operational modal analysis) ; Vibration control of building structure

Prof. Dr. Hugo C. Biscaia
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Interests: Structural analysis; Civil engineering materials; Construction engineering; Mechanical testing; Finite element analysis

Prof. Dr. Bruno Brunone
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Perusia, Italy
Interests: Friction; Water Engineering; Hydraulics; Water Resources Engineering; Civil Engineering

Prof. Dr. Alaa M. Rashad
Building Materials Reserach and Quality Control Institute,Housing and Building National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt
Interests: Drying Shrinkage; Compressive Strength; Cement Replacement; Cement Paste; Compressive Strength; Cementitious Material

Prof. Dr. Stefano Mariani
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Interests: Ductile fracture; Damage and fracture in quasi-brittle materials; Parameter identfication via kalman fitering; Reliablity analysis of MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems)subject to shocks; Structural health monitoring through MEMS sensors.

Prof. Dr. Elżbieta Macioszek
Department of Transport Systems Traffic, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland.
Interests: Traffic safety; Traffic engineering; Transportation; Transport engineering; Road safety

Youth Editorial Board Members

Dr. Chenggao Li
Laboratory for FRP Composites and Structures (LFCS), School of Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China
Interests: Fire resistance performance of fiber reinforced polymer composites; Fiber reinforced epoxy/thermoplastic polymer cable-anchor structures; Steel structures strengthened by prestressed CFRP plates