Launch of Universal Journal of Civil Engineering


  • Binsheng (Ben) Zhang Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Management, School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK



Civil engineering is a systematic field, involving all aspects of knowledge and technology, and is the result of surveying, designing and constructing using a variety of engineering techniques. With the development of social science technology and management level, civil engineering is a historical witness of the unity of technology, economy and art. The purpose of civil engineering is to form well-functioning, comfortable spaces and passages needed for human production or live. It is both a material need and a symbolic spiritual need. Super high-rise buildings, extra-large bridges, giant dams, and complex subway systems continue to emerge to meet people's living needs and at the same time evolve into symbols of social strength.




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Zhang, B. (Ben) . (2022). Launch of Universal Journal of Civil Engineering. Universal Journal of Civil Engineering, 1(1), 30.