Universal Journal of Civil Engineering, Volume 2 Issue 1 (2023)

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Analysis of Groundwater Quality in Bauchi Metropolis (Nigeria) and interpretation using GIS

by sunday azunna, Dr. Guchhait

ABSTRACT: Fresh water resources include groundwater as a crucial component. It is essential to meeting the water needs of the country's diverse users and sectors. If the water quality is not evaluated, the...

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Numerical Investigation of The Aerodynamics of Lorry Platooning Travelling through Road Tunnels

by Xiaotian Zhang, David Soper, Bruño Fraga, Hassan Hemida, Shi-Di Huang

ABSTRACT: With potential benefits in drag reduction and fuel saving, the aerodynamics of vehicle platoons have been investigated for a wide range of cases in open space. When vehicle platoons travel in road...

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Design of Short Wall Timber Formworks Using New Formulas

by Osama Hussien

ABSTRACT: The construction of reinforced concrete requires formwork, whether from timber, steel, or any other material. Generally, formwork accounts for 20% to 25% of a project's cost. This research aims to...

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Thermodynamic Concepts in Civil Engineering

by Graber S. David

ABSTRACT: Thermodynamics is not always done well or usefully brought to bear in civil engineering. This paper addresses historical aspects of misunderstandings of thermodynamic  concepts; applies the Second...

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Precision Comparison for Different GNSS PPP Solution Using Online Services and Open-Source Software Processing

by Ashraf Shehata, Fawzi H. Zarzoura, Mahmoud El-Mewafi

ABSTRACT: In order to properly post-process data from the Global Navigation Satellite System, it is crucial to evaluate the dependability by means of online free processing tools because the development of...