Universal Journal of Catalysis Science

ISSN: (Print) 2972-4635 (Online) Description

Universal Journal of Catalysis Science (UJCS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on catalysts and catalyzed reactions, published biannually online by Universal Wiser Publisher (UWP).

UJCS provides an advance forum for the fundamental science and technological aspects of catalysis.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
· Heterogeneous catalysis
· Homogeneous catalysis
· Thermocatalysis
· Photocatalysis
· Electrocatalysis
· Biocatalysis, enzymes, enzyme catalysis
· Organocatalysis, catalysis in organic and polymer chemistry
· Nanostructured catalysts
· Catalytic materials
· Kinetics of catalytic reactions 
· Computational catalysis

The journal publishes comprehensive research articles, reviews, and short communications, and encourages original and novel papers of general or specialist importance.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

H2 as Clean Energy for Sustainable Future

by Sovann Khan , Veasna Soum

ABSTRACT: H 2 is considered a clean fuel used in Fuel cell technology for electricity generation with zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emission. The demand for H 2 gas, typically for fuel cell electric vehicles...

Open Access Article

Catalytic Performance of Pd/Al2O3 Catalyst in the Presence of HHDMA Ligand in Acetylene Selective Hydrogenation Process

by Maryam Takht Ravanchi, Maryam Rahimi Fard, Hadi Moosavi, Saeed Sahebdelfar

ABSTRACT: A series of Pd-HHDMA/Al2O3 catalysts were prepared with various Pd and hexadecyl-2-hydroxyethyldimethylammonium dihydrogen phosphate (HHDMA) amounts by the reduction-deposition method. The...

Open Access Article

Study of Gas-phase Reactions within the Modified Marcus Model. V. Arrhenius Equation for the Reaction CH3OH + CH3 → CH2OH + CH4

by Igor Romanskii

ABSTRACT: A theoretical study of the kinetics of the gas-phase reaction СН 3 OH + СН 3 → СН 2 OH + СН 4 (energy calculation level UCCSD (T)/6-311G**//B3LYP/6-31+G**) in the temperature range 2000–10 K was...

Open Access Article

The Importance of Sustainable Biomass Sources in the Development of Porous Carbonaceous Materials-Synthesis and Energy Applications: A Review

by Erol Pehlivan, Şerife Parlayıcı

ABSTRACT: In this review, a variety of planning methods for porous organic materials using different types of biomasses are compiled, and their functions are discussed. Improved pore architectures and...