Aims & Scope

Universal Journal of Electrochemistry (UJEC) is an international, open access journal covering the entire field of electrochemical research and application. It publishes research articles; communications; rapid communications; reviews, and commentaries; letters to the editor; erratum; retraction note and editor's message (only by the editor or upon invitation).


Topics of publications in UJEC include, but are not limited to the following:


• Electrolytic Industry
• Mechanical industry (electroplating/electrolytic polishing/electrophoretic coating)
• Electrodialysis
• Electrochemical Power Sources
• Electrochemical Corrosion
• Electrochemical Analysis
• Applied Electrochemistry
• Electrolyte Solutions
• Primary and Secondary Batteries
• Supercapacitors
• Fuel Cells
• Electrocatalysis
• Interfacial Electrochemistry
• Electrolytic Separation Methods
• Electrochemical Energy Technology