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A Factorial Design Assessment of Marine Exoskeleton-Based Bio-sorption of Relevant Electroplating Metals

by Carolina Londono-Zuluaga, Hasan Jameel, Ronalds Gonzalez, Guihua Yang, Lucian Lucia

ABSTRACT: A preliminary assessment of the capacity of pulverized crab shells to function as bio-sorbents for the removal of selected metals, zinc, cadmium, and chromium was analyzed according to a factorial...

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Green oxidation of menthol in multigram scale based on calcium hypochlorite

by Mariana Falcão Lopes Princisval Carlos, Marcus Vinicius Nora de Souza

ABSTRACT: The oxidation reaction stands as a fundamental process in organic synthesis, holding significant importance in generating various value-added chemical products. Oxidative processes are pivotal...

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Removal of Heavy Metal Ions(Fe2+, Mn2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+) on to Activated Carbon Prepared from Kashmiri Walnut Shell (Juglans regia)

by Suhail Abdullah Malik, Sharief-ud-din Khan, Bashir Ahmad Dar

ABSTRACT: Heavy metal pollution poses significant threats to the environment and human health, even at trace concentrations. In this study, activated carbon derived from Kashmiri walnut shell (Juglans...

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Usefulness of the Biomass of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) for The Elimination of Chromium (VI) from Polluted Waters

by Cintia Huerta Velazquez, Katya Cruz Garcia, Ismael Acosta Rodríguez

ABSTRACT: The tobacco plant is capable of accumulating heavy metals in its different parts, making it a good candidate for use in bioremediation, although there are few reports in which the biomass of this...

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A Green Route for Sustainable Nanoporous Solid Acid Catalyst Synthesis Using Bio Template and Analysis of Its Progressive Transformation of CO2

by M.A. Mary Thangam, Chellapandian Kannan

ABSTRACT: Green chemistry approach is a most important area in the modern chemical world.  The nano (meso) porous materials have the specific application in separation, adsorption and catalysis.  A green...

Open Access Article

Design and Analysis of the Waste Heat Recovery System for Stenter Exhaust

by Yimin Chen, Bo Liu, Zheng Zeng, Liqing Li

ABSTRACT: In this study, combined with the exhaust adsorption, desorption and catalytic combustion technology, a waste heat recovery scheme using stenter exhaust to heat desorbed air and preheat stenter...

Open Access Article

Biodegradable Cutting Fluids Evaluation for Sustainable Machining Processes

by Ovundah Wofuru-Nyenke

ABSTRACT: Sustainably selecting the best cutting fluid among alternatives, considering various weighted criteria or factors, is a complex problem encountered by machine operators in engineering workshops...

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Degradation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Media using Semiconductor Nanomaterials

by Siddhartha Sankar Boxi

ABSTRACT: Today, environmental pollution stemming from organic pollutants poses a significant challenge. Various categories of organic compounds, including dyes, pharmaceuticals, aromatics, volatile organic...

Open Access Article

A Recent Trends on Green Synthesis and Bioactivity of Imidazole

by Irum Jamil , Faisal Nawaz, Maryam Shafiq , Muqdssa Rashid , Areeba Akram, Aleeza Siddique, Shanza Taimur, Tehreem Zahr

ABSTRACT: Imidazole is a five-membered, planar heterocyclic ring made up of 3C, 2N, and N in the 1st and 3rd places. Purine, histamine, histidine, and nucleic acid are only a few significant natural...