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Open Access Article

A Green Route for Sustainable Nanoporous Solid Acid Catalyst Synthesis Using Bio Template and Analysis of Its Progressive Transformation of CO2

by M.A. Mary Thangam, Chellapandian Kannan

ABSTRACT: Green chemistry approach is a most important area in the modern chemical world.  The nano (meso) porous materials have the specific application in separation, adsorption and catalysis.  A green...

Open Access Article

Usefulness of the Biomass of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) for The Elimination of Chromium (VI) from Polluted Waters

by Cintia Huerta Velazquez, Katya Cruz Garcia, Ismael Acosta Rodríguez

ABSTRACT: The tobacco plant is capable of accumulating heavy metals in its different parts, making it a good candidate for use in bioremediation, although there are few reports in which the biomass of this...

Open Access Article

Design and Analysis of the Waste Heat Recovery System for Stenter Exhaust

by Yimin Chen, Bo Liu, Zheng Zeng, Liqing Li

ABSTRACT: In this study, combined with the exhaust adsorption, desorption and catalytic combustion technology, a waste heat recovery scheme using stenter exhaust to heat desorbed air and preheat stenter...

Open Access Article

A Factorial Design Assessment of Marine Exoskeleton-Based Bio-sorption of Relevant Electroplating Metals

by Carolina Londono-Zuluaga, Hasan Jameel, Ronalds Gonzalez, Guihua Yang, Lucian Lucia

ABSTRACT: A preliminary assessment of the capacity of pulverized crab shells to function as bio-sorbents for the removal of selected metals, zinc, cadmium, and chromium was analyzed according to a factorial...