Universal Journal of Green Chemistry, Volume 1 Issue 1 (2023)

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A Novel Carbon Dioxide Desorption Phenomena using Potassium Acetate Aqueous Solution

by Jian-Sheng Shen, Cheng-Chien Wang, Chuh-Yung Chen, Chen-Yang Lin

ABSTRACT: A novel CO 2 absorbent, 50–75 wt.% aqueous potassium acetate solution (AcK (aq) ), which showed a CO 2 absorption capacity of ~ 0.2 mol CO 2 /mol, and could almost immediately completely desorb...

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Recent Topics of Laccase Focused on Chemical Reactions and Applications

by Takashiro Akitsu, Daisuke Nakane

ABSTRACT: Green chemistry elements should deal with enzymatic chemical reactions that are efficient or have a low environmental impact. Laccase is a readily available multicopper oxidase that has been...

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Mechanochemical Organic Synthesis—Powerful Tool in Greener Chemistry

by Davor Margetić

ABSTRACT: Organic chemical reactions are usually promoted by heating of reactants in various organic solvents. Amongst emerging synthetic methods mechanochemistry is recognized as being promissing in the...

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A Comprehensive Review of Nanoparticles Induced Stress and Toxicity in Plants

by Shamshad Ahmad, Atin Kumar Pathak, Rose Pratima Minj, Shalini Chaudhary, Ashis Kumar, Tania Chalotra, Neelu Raina

ABSTRACT: Increasing demand for engineered Nanomaterial (ENMs) that have been widely applied in plant systems, for the improvement of quality, development, growth, nutritive value, and gene preservation....

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Publisher's Note: Universal Journal of Green Chemistry—A New Open Access Journal

by Hang Gao, Russell Li

ABSTRACT: As the global warming, depletion of the fossil (oil and gas) and thinning of the ozone layer, “green” (environmentally-friendly) chemistry has become one of the most important segments in the...