Universal Journal of Operations and Management, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2023)

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The Effects of Casualisation on Mental Wellbeing and Risk Management in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

by Emma D'Antoine, Janis Jansz, Ahmed Barifcani, Sherrilyn Shaw-Mills, Mark Harris, Christopher Lagat

ABSTRACT: This qualitative study was conducted with the aim of identifying psychosocial hazards in Australian offshore oil and gas facilities. Twenty-nine offshore oil and gas workers were interviewed via...

Open Access Article

Designing an Efficient Restaurant Recommendation System Based on Customer Review Comments by Augmenting Hybrid Filtering Techniques

by Mauparna Nandan, Pourush Kumar Gupta

ABSTRACT: Recommendation systems are being widely employed in order to provide users with a tailored set of services. They are primarily designed to generate advice or ideas (like restaurants, tourist...