The Effectiveness of Using Mobile Learning Methods in Geometry for Students with Different Initial Mathematical Performance

  • Panagiota Panteli Frederick University Cyprus
  • Areti Panaoura Frederick University Cyprus
Keywords: mobile learning, geometry, secondary education, Euclidea app


The present study investigated the use of mobile learning on students' (with different initial mathematical performance), understanding in geometry. The sample of the study was consisted of 162 5th grade students at secondary education (16-17 years old) who were divided into experimental and control group. For the mobile learning the Euclidea app was installed by the experimental group in their smart phones and it was used at the teaching of specific geometrical concepts. Emphasis was given on students’ experiences. Although there were not any statistically significant differences between the two main groups concerning their performance, further analyses of the characteristics of the experimental group indicated that the mobile learning method was more efficient for students with low or medium performance than those with high initial performance on mathematics, highlighting that there is not any “ideal” method in the teaching of mathematics, however there are differentiation derived by inter-individual differences.  Implications about the use of mobile learning in mathematics education are discussed, as the use of short term intervention programs cannot fulfil the goals of changing significantly the mathematical performance.