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Advanced Chemicobiology Research (ACBR) is a fully open-accessed, interdisciplinary journal with the aim to facilitate the latest and scientific research and discovery in the fields of chemistry and biology. The journal is primarily interested in studies that attempt to answer biological questions by directly probing the living system at chemical level and studies that blend chemistry and biology in new ways, particularly those that provide major conceptual or methodological advances that are likely to open up innovative avenues of research in the field. Click here to get more detailed information.

ACBR welcomes submission of the following article types: original research articles, reviews, mini reviews and perspectives.

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Diversity of Endophytic Mycobiota through Metagenomic Approach and Bioprospecting the Phytoconstituent

by Myithili Thangavel, Israel Mani, Akash Surendrababu, Mohan Pandi

ABSTRACT: Endophytic fungi are important organisms that live and thrive in the intercellular or intracellular regions of host tissues of plants without causing immediate or adverse effects on the host...