Advanced Energy Conversion Materials

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Advanced Energy Conversion Materials (AECM) is an international multidisciplinary and open access forum for communicating scientific and technological advances on exploring new mechanisms of high-performance materials and devices to achieve higher conversion efficiency, energy storage and better safety and for publishing novel research findings of new materials that can be used to generate clean and renewable energy or to help manage problems from existing energy sources.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

2D and solar photovoltaic materials (organic, inorganic or hybrid materials);

Waste-water purification based on nanomaterials;

Nanosensors based nanomaterials for detection gas, liquid, and etc;

Electrochemical, electrode materials and electrolyte materials;

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Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Phase Engineering and Impact of External Stimuli for Phase Tuning in 2D Materials

by Shahab Khan

ABSTRACT: Two-dimensional (2D) materials have captured the imagination of the scientific community for their remarkable properties and potential applications. To further harness the full spectrum of their...

Open Access Article

Study on Structural Stability of ZrO2 and YSZ: Doping-Induced Phase Transitions and Fermi Level Shift

by D. D. Nematov, A. S. Burkhonzoda, Kh T. Kholmurodov, A. I. Lyubchyk, S. I. Lyubchyk, S. B. Lyubchyk

ABSTRACT: This work summarizes the results of structural stability, electronic properties and phonon dispersion studies of biocompatible ZrO 2 compound in its cubic (c-ZrO 2 ), tetragonal (t-ZrO 2 ) and...

Open Access Article

Development of Recycled Aluminum Alloy for the Manufacture of an Electrical Current-Conducting Tape

by Gilson Gilmar Holzschuh, Jorge André Ribas Moraes, Sérgio Boscato Garcia, Izete Zanesco, Adriano Moehlecke, Rosana de Cassia de Souza Schneider, Liane Mahlmann Kipper

ABSTRACT: This research aimed to develop an electrical current-conducting tape using secondary aluminum (Al) obtained from recycled beverage cans. The gravity casting process was used, and Cu and Mg were...

Open Access Article

Evaporated Chalcopyrite Thin Films for Indoor Photovoltaic Applications

by Cecilia Guillén

ABSTRACT: The feasibility of capturing indoor artificial light using chalcopyrite photovoltaic absorbers has been analyzed. For this purpose, various chalcopyrite compounds (CuInSe 2 , CuInS 2 and CuGaS 2...

Open Access Article

Evaluation of Avocado Peels Dye as Sensitizer in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Experiment and Computational Intelligence

by Ekemini Ituen, Iniubong Okon, Solomon Shaibu, Anietie Donald, Samuel Samuel, Udoinyang Inyang

ABSTRACT: This work was designed to evaluate the unmodified and modified natural dye obtained from a sensitizer in dye-sensitized solar cells using experimental and computational approaches. Natural dye...

Open Access Article

Energy Consumption Pattern and Performance Indices of Federal Medical Center, Jalingo, Nigeria

by Muhammad Ahmad, Laaye Koliya, Ibraheem Shehu Diso

ABSTRACT: Energy audit in buildings is an effective energy management tool that seeks to identify all the energy end-users within the buildings under investigation, estimate how much energy is used by each...

Open Access Article

Exploring the Interface Between Two Nanoclusters: Insights from Computational Methods

by Divya Maldepalli Govindachar, Ganga Periyasamy

ABSTRACT: Aggregation of gold nanoclusters (GNCs) with desired properties requires detailed knowledge about the inter-cluster interface and its properties. The stability of [Au 6 ] 2 dimeric cluster...