Computer Networks and Communications, Volume 2 Issue 1 (2024)

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An Anomaly Detection System for Vampire Attacks Crisis in Wireless Sensor Networks

by G Kannan, K Indragandhi, Midhat Jan

ABSTRACT: One of the major crises to be addressed by Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is vampire attacks which disable the network connection by consuming node energy unnecessarily. Energy efficiency plays...

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FaceLite: A Real-Time Light-Weight Facemask Detection Using Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Analysis, Opportunities, and Challenges for Edge Computing

by Anup Kumar Paul

ABSTRACT: The edge computing devices running models based on deep learning have drawn a lot of interest as a prominent way of handling various applications based on AI. Due to limited memory and computing...

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Channel Precoding for Compute and Forward Relaying in Two Way Relay Network Model

by Jeyalakshmi Vijayarajan, S. Tamil Selvi

ABSTRACT: Physical layer Network Coding (PNC) is a promising strategy to improve the spectral efficiency in a relay-based wireless transmission. This paper employs lattice-based channel coding at the source...

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A Framework for Security Assessment of Android Mobile Banking Applications

by Loïc D. Tsobdjou, Samuel Pierre, Alejandro Quintero

ABSTRACT: Mobile banking applications make users' daily lives easier by allowing them to access banking services, such as balance inquiries and bill payments, anytime and anywhere. Since these...

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Security and Privacy of Wearable Wireless Sensors in Healthcare: A Systematic Review

by Ranjit Kaur, Seyed Shahrestani, Chun Ruan

ABSTRACT: Wearable Wireless Sensor Network (WWSN) devices are widely used in healthcare to monitor health data. However, when WWSN users transmit their data to healthcare professionals or third parties over...

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Mechanism for Efficient Media Propagation in Event-Driven Cyber-Physical Systems

by Rolando Herrero

ABSTRACT: Many key applications in Cyber-Physical Systems require the transmission of speech, audio, or video. These scenarios involve the use of traditional Real-Time Communication (RTC) protocols and...

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Channel Model for CM-3 Scenario Over Generalized Distribution Under Various Window Functions

by Shekhar Singh, S. Pratap Singh, Lakshmanan M

ABSTRACT: In terms of fundamental research and technology development level, Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a well-established paradigm of wireless system. However, like any wireless system, channel...