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With the main research interests being engineering science and engineering technology, Engineering Science & Technology aims to disseminate latest scientific theories, research results and innovative methods among scientists and engineers from engineering disciplines.

The journal covers a broad spectrum of engineering sciences and technologies: Engineering physics, Mechanical engineering, Computational engineering, Engineering psychology, Engineering management, Engineering bionics, Informatics and bioinformatics, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Agricultural engineering, Chemical and metallurgical, Energy and mining, Aerospace, Electronics, Photonics engineering, Communication engineering, Resource-saving technologies, Mechatronics, Operational Engineering.

The Journal EST welcomes authors to submit your research articles, reviews, case studies, letters and conference reviews to the Journal for publication.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Metamaterial Inspired Resonators as Microwave Sensors: A Review

by Rajat Srivastava, Sangeeta Kale

ABSTRACT: Metamaterial-based devices show properties like negative magnetic permeability and negative electrical permittivity, which are not found naturally. Due to their extraordinary sensitivity to nearby...

Open Access Article

Nonlinear Oscillations and Buckling Prediction for Shallow Convex Shells

by V. A. Grachev, Yu. S. Neustadt

ABSTRACT: Since 2010, the testing of thin-walled shallow shells has revealed that the ultimate internal stresses, under which the shells lose their stability (collapse), appeared to be lower than those...

Open Access Article

6G Broadband and High Directive Microstrip Antenna with SIW and FSSs

by Uri Nissanov, Ghanshyam Singh

ABSTRACT: Sixth-Generation (6G) wireless communication networks require the fabrication of broadband and high directivity microstrip antennas to offset the high atmospheric path loss beyond 100 Gigahertz...

Open Access Article

Design and Analysis of the Low Bend Losses 2D Photonic Crystal Fiber-based Rhombic Ring Resonator for Magnetic Field Sensor

by Aashis S Roy, Ameena Parveen, Juhi Nishat Ansari

ABSTRACT: We designed and analyzed a magnetic field sensor with low bend losses 2D photonic crystal fiber based on a rhombic ring resonator. The proposed design consists of silicon rods with a diameter of...