Call for Proposals for Themed Issue in 2022


About FCE:

Fine Chemical Engineering (FCE), semi-yearly published, is an academic OA online Journal. FCE uses double-blind peer review process and is suitable for chemists, biologist, materials scientists, chemical engineers, physicists and others in related areas, which represents an advance on the latest and most important developments in design, production, manufacturing and application of fine chemicals, including medicines, pesticides, surfactants, synthetic dyes, pigments, additives, household chemicals, information chemicals, functional polymers and other specialty chemicals.


ISSN: 2717-5677(Print); 2717-5685(Online)


FCE welcomes scholars and researchers to submit proposals of themed issue, to be published in 2022. Proposals with guest editor(s) and potential authors that represent diversity in location, affiliation and academic career stage, is particularly welcomed.  


The primary focus of your proposals should be firmly connected to your research interests and the journal's stated scopes: 


Fine Chemical Engineering is published by Universal Wiser Publisher, Singapore. For more information, please visit: 



Proposals Requirement: 

Proposals should include the following elements:

A. Proposed title of this themed issue

B. A thorough professional motivation letter, which should address the questions of:

    a). What the proposed issue aims to discuss in the current fine chemical engineering community

    b). Why this theme would be chosen

    c). What progressive advances would be achieved in the chemical field

    d). What potential gaps can be filled based on the current literature  

    e). What kind of reader would be targeted at

C. Updated CV(s) of the guest editor(s)

D. Recommended topics of this issue

E. Providing a list of the invited potential papers (The guest-edited issue should feature up to 4 invited papers close to publication standards. The Editorial Office will make efforts into other papers.)


Specific Requirement for Invited Papers:

    a). Reviews, perspectives, viewpoints, short reports etc. should include: what connection (difference) to the current literature is

    b). Original research article should include: what novel solutions (ideas) would be provided and what novelty of this approach is



Guest Editor(s) Would Be Responsible For:

A. Providing certain expertise information to the Editorial Office for a Call for Papers

B. Making sure the invited papers adhere to FCE's submission guideline for handling papers:  

C. Selecting and allocating potential reviewers for submissions. Paper in FCE will go through a rigorous double-blind peer-review process. (New reviewers would be assigned after the Editorial Office's consideration into the quality of submitted comments.) For papers where the guest editor is one of the authors, the review process will be managed by the Editorial.

D. Making the final decision for each paper. However, the journal editor reserves the right to refuse publication of papers that do not meet publication standards. (Once the paper is accepted, it would be moved into the Editorial Office. Proofs would be shared online with the Guest Editor before online publication.)

E. Reporting to the Editorial Office on any stage decision or any problems that may delay the publication. (Notification would be sent from the Editor Office following the guest editor's decision.)

F. Respecting the timeline following its discussion both from the Guest Editor(s) and the Editorial Office.

G. Promoting the issue positively, including but not limited to promoting it on the conference, on the social media, in the academic community and to colleagues or other researchers.


Taking your busy situation into account, the Editorial Office will also provide sufficient supports to the preparation work, the editorial process, promotion activities and other reasonable demands.




FCE would like to provide a free academic platform and no fees would be charged throughout the publication process.


Guest Editor(s)' name would be displayed on the web page of this issue and on its print edition.



Proposal Submission:

Proposals Submission Deadline: March, 2022

Proposals would be noticed and notified by the Journal Coordinator of FCE's Editorial Office: Sue Li

Topic would be chosen following the Editorial assessment, and the Call for Papers will come out on the journal website.




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