Fine Chemical Engineering

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Fine Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed and open accessed journal which is semiyearly published online. It is an essential journal for chemists, biologist, materials scientists, chemical engineers, physicists and others in related areas, which represents an advance on the latest and most important developments in design, production, manufacturing and application of fine chemicals, including medicines, pesticides, surfactants, synthetic dyes, pigments, additives, household chemicals, information chemicals, functional polymers and other specialty chemicals. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, short reports, perspectives, case studies, viewpoints and letters.


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Open Access Article

Yamuna Action Plan-III: Impact on Water Quality of River Yamuna, India

by Ankit Srivastava, Prathna T.C.

ABSTRACT: Water is indispensable to sustain life and livelihood, and rivers serve as major reservoirs of water in manyparts of the world. River Yamuna is the major tributary of the River Ganges in India and...

Open Access Article

Effect of Biomass-Based Catalyst in Walnut Shell/Polypropylene to BTX

by Yanan Guo, Xin Pan, Qingjiao Zhu, Jingjing Ma, Qingjie Guo

ABSTRACT: Four biomass-based catalyst carriers with different pore structures were prepared by using a carbonization-activation method, followed by employment in the copyrolysis of Walnut...