Fine Chemical Engineering

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Fine Chemical Engineering is a peer reviewed and open accessed journal which is semiyearly published online. It is an essential journal for chemists, biologist, materials scientists, chemical engineers, physicists and others in related areas, which represents an advance on the latest and most important developments in design, production, manufacturing and application of fine chemicals, including medicines, pesticides, surfactants, synthetic dyes, pigments, additives, household chemicals, information chemicals, functional polymers and other specialty chemicals. The journal publishes original research articles, reviews, short reports, perspectives, case studies, viewpoints and letters.


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Synthesis and Characterization of Biosilica from Rice Husks as a Catalyst for the Production of Biodiesel

by Herman Hindarso, Indah Epriliati, Dede Hoerudin, Sri Yuliani

ABSTRACT: The synthesis of silica particles from rice husk is a research based on natural materials and is classified as green material. Preparation of biosilica catalyst from calcined rice husk ash was...