Food Science and Engineering, Volume 4 Issue 2 (2023), 159-347

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A Focused Insight into Sumac: Biological, Chemical, Health Benefits and Its Applications in Food Industry

by Fatima El Ghizzawi, Sanaa Khaled, Sami El Khatib, Maha Krayem

ABSTRACT: Sumac Spice is a tangy red-purple powder produced by drying and grinding the hairy clusters of sumac fruit. It is often used in several regions to add a lemony and astringent taste to many dishes....

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Natural Honey (Raw Honey): Insights on Quality, Composition, Economic and Health Effects: A Comprehensive Review

by Great Iruoghene Edo, Favour Ogheneoruese Onoharigho, Patrick Othuke Akpoghelie, Emmanuel Oghenekome Akpoghelie, Joy Johnson Agbo, Endurance Agoh, Rashidat Adelola Lawal

ABSTRACT: Natural honey is one of the most significant foods produced and consumed globally, it has pleasing sensory characteristics such a light colour, as well as a recognizable flavor and aroma. In...

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Proposed Design and In-silico Studies of Functional Idli as a Prophylactic Measure to Reduce Post-Menopausal Adverse Effects in Women

by Toshika Mishra, Suneetha Vuppu

ABSTRACT: Food Science and Engineering have become a rapidly evolving domain that has gained prominence in recent years to facilitate the development of enriched food products (like functional foods). It is...

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Fruit-Based Leathers: A Comprehensive Review of Terminologies, Composition, and Quality Attributes

by Giovana de Menezes Rodrigues, Vitor Augusto dos Santos Garcia, Cristiana Maria Pedroso Yoshida, Fernanda Maria Vanin, Rosemary Aparecida de Carvalho

ABSTRACT: Fruit-based leathers were obtained from drying fruit purees, offering a high nutritional value and convenience in consumption, storage, and transportation. Challenges in advancing leather studies...

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Starch Retrogradation: Role of Food Ingredients and Extrinsic Factors

by Chiravi K., Khan M. A., Wadikar D. D., Mahesh C., Semwal A. D.

ABSTRACT: Starch retrogradation is one of the significant properties of starch wherein the reassociation or recrystallization of the polysaccharides in gelatinized starch (amylose and amylopectin) occurs....

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Quality Evaluation of Breakfast Cereal Meal Produced from Finger Millet (Eleusine coracana) and Roasted African Yam Beans (Sphenostylis stenocarpa) Flour Blends

by Joseph Oghenewogaga Owheruo, Great Iruoghene Edo, Zubair Adeiza Bashir, Patrick Othuke Akpoghelie, Joy Johnson Agbo

ABSTRACT: This study was carried out to evaluate the qualities of breakfast cereal meals produced from blends of finger millet and toasted African yam beans flour. Flour samples of processed finger millet...

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Development and Evaluation of High Protein Spread Based on Aquafaba

by Atul Kumar, Dadasaheb Wadikar, Santosh Pal, Dev Kumar Yadav, Anil Dutt Semwal

ABSTRACT: A study was undertaken to optimize the process of preparation of aquafaba powder mix and ingredient composition for preparation of pulse-based spread, using combinations of garbanzo bean flour,...

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Varietal Differences in the Physical and Engineering Attributes of Underutilized Pigmented and Non-pigmented Paddy and Rice Landraces

by Kuppathil Unnikrishnan Anjali, Annamalai Rajalechumi Kamatchi, Sundaramoorthy Haripriya, Arun Kumar, Chagam Koteswara Reddy

ABSTRACT: Traditional rice landraces cannot be processed using standard machinery or unit operations. Traditional rice, on the other hand, is becoming more popular as its purported health benefits spread....

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Valorizing Shrimp Shell as a Source of Chitin with Crude Enzymes from Germinated Winter Wheat and Buckwheat

by Ying Ng, Jing Wei Khor, Ying Ping Chang

ABSTRACT: Chitin is a valuable resource found in shrimp shells. Typically, the industrial process for isolating chitin from crustacean shells involves using chemical methods that require large amounts of...

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Physico-Mechanical, Nutritional, and Sensorial Properties of Gluten-Free Chips with Almond Powder Dried Using Different Drying Methods

by Kadriye Altay, Ahsen Rayman Ergün, Müge Şahin, Aişe Deliboran

ABSTRACT: In this study, newly formulated gluten-free chips with almond powder were produced. Almond powders were obtained using 3 different drying methods: oven drying, freeze drying, and microwave drying....

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Effect of Microwave Boiling and Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction on Curcumin from the Turmeric Rhizomes

by Sai Krishna G., Sravanya K., Pranuthi P., Thirumdas R.

ABSTRACT: The present work is proposed to study the effect of microwave boiling on the curcumin content of turmeric. Fresh rhizomes are subjected to different boiling methods i.e., pressure cooking, water...

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Analysis of Volatile Flavor Compounds and Physicochemical Properties in Conventional and Organic Pork Meats Using SPME-GC-MS

by Cristina Lopez-Moreno, Sara Fernandez-Palacios Campos, Sergio Ledesma Baena, Juan Teodomiro Lopez Navarrete, Juan Carlos Otero Fernandez de Molina

ABSTRACT: Volatiles responsible for aroma and flavor were investigated in the main types of pork consumed in Spain: duroc and white pigs, the latter reared according to organic and conventional procedures....