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Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (JEEE, ISSN: 2972-3280) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, published biannually online by Universal Wiser Publisher (UWP). The Journal is aimed to provide a digital forum for researchers and experts to publish new ideas and review papers that reflect on experience and future challenges for electronics and sustainable electrical engineering.

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Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Sustainability and Prolonging Rechargeable Battery Life: A Sensor Device Review

by Swati Sahu, Sanjay Tiwari

ABSTRACT: Rechargeable batteries have recently experienced increases in productivity and the economy, solidifying their dominance in energy-intensive cultures. Regular performance monitoring is required to...

Open Access Article

Open-Source Data Processing Chain for Marche Region X-band Weather Radar

by Francesco Iocca, Marco Lazzeri, Marco Pellegrini

ABSTRACT: In the framework of three projects co-funded by the European Union (EU), an X-band (8-12 GHz frequency range) polarimetric radar was installed in the Marche Region territory (East-Central Italy)...

Open Access Article

Numerical Simulation of Electro-Thermal Properties in FDSOI MOSFETs Down to Deep Cryogenic Temperatures

by Gerard Ghibaudo, Francis Balestra

ABSTRACT: An original reformulation of the thermopower S , heat conductivity K and heat capacitance C in bulk silicon for electrons and phonons is first proposed. Closed-form analytical approximations...

Open Access Article

On-Wafer Drain Current Variability in GaN MIS-HEMT on 200-mm Silicon Substrates

by Romeo Kom Kammeugne, Charles Leroux, Christoforos Theodorou, Laura Vauche, Matthew Charles, Edwige Bano, Gerard Ghibaudo

ABSTRACT: In this study, a detailed on-wafer (or global) variability analysis of drain current characteristics of GaN MIS-HEMT devices grown on 200 mm silicon substrate is conducted. For the first time to...

Open Access Article

More Than a Device: Function Implementation in a Multi-Gate Junctionless FET Structure

by Sehtab Hossain, Md Arif Iqbal, Prerana Samant, Mahbube K. Siddiki, Mostafizur Rahman

ABSTRACT: The miniaturization of the transistor sizes to keep up with Moore's Law in Integrated Circuits (ICs) is rapidly approaching the physical limits. To push the horizons of Moore's Law, among the...