Journal of Social Psychology Research

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Journal of Social Psychology Research (JSPR) is a fully open access journal that functions as an outlet for pioneering integrative frameworks toward existing social psychology theories and concepts. This journal aims to deliver theoretical and empirical papers based on interpersonal relationships at the level of individuals and social groups. Research manuscripts including articles, reviews, letters, short communications, and case studies that render cutting-edge research findings on social psychology developments are mainly welcome.


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What Hurts Most? A Comparison of College Students' Perceptions of Cyber and Traditional Victimization

by Daneen P. Deptula

ABSTRACT: Although the research literature has demonstrated that cyber victimization is associated with a variety of negative psychological and social consequences, the support for the uniqueness of cyber...

Open Access Article

Responses to Transgressions: Grudges or Forgiveness?

by Robin M. Kowalski, Natalie Cote, Lyndsey Brewer, Gabriela Mochizuki, Morgan Dowd, Kaitlyn Burzin, Madalynne Gagne, Aspen Ridder, Hailey Carroll, Hannah Korson, Grace Drolet, Kelly Evans, Blake Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Virtually everyone can relate to the experience of being wronged by someone else. Responses to these transgressions include seeking revenge against the transgressor, forgiving the offender, or...

Open Access Article

Narcissistic Personality Features and Perceptions of Social Worth at Work: Implications for Job-Related Attitudes

by Virgil Zeigler-Hill, Cynthia Barlow, Avi Besser

ABSTRACT: We examined the role that perceptions of social worth played in the connections that narcissistic personality features had with job-related attitudes in a sample of Israeli community members ( N...