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Organic Chemistry Plus (OCP) provides an international and scientific platform for worldwide scholars and researchers from chemistry and its related fields and aims to act as a focal point for informative and authoritative exchanges of important recent research in organic chemistry to stimulate the development and advancement of it.

The publication of OCP is focusing on synthetic organic chemistry, the development of catalysts, selective syntheses, and mechanistic studies (experimental or theoretical) that show methodological advances or provide novel insights into the course of chemical reactions. Manuscripts with elements of biological study, analytical chemistry, functional molecules, and systems, or material science should demonstrate novelty in those aspects associated with the organic chemistry portion of the work being reported. Click here to find more details.

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Theoretical Study on Formamide (NH2CHO) and Methylidene (CH2) Reactions for the Formation of Interstellar N-Methylformamide

by Shivani, Aftab Ahamad, Manisha Singh, Keshav Singh, Alka Misra, Poonam Tandon

ABSTRACT: N -methylformamide (NMF), E & Z containing an amide bond, a vital component of peptides, is one of the simplest derivatives of formamides. It is detected towards the hot molecular core of...