Aims & Scope

Regional Economic Development Research is an international, multidisciplinary, and peer reviewed journal, which aims to publish high quality original articles, both theoretical and empirical, in all areas of regional economic development covering Asian economies, African economies, Asia-Pacific economies, European economies, Latin American economies, Caribbean economies, Middle East and North Africa economies, Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa economies.

Regional Economic Development Research solicits research contributions broadly focusing on regional economic dimensions:

1. Regional Land and Real Estate Economy
Agriculture development and planning
Cities and human settlements
Large-scale land acquisitions

2. Regional Cooperation and Competition
Regional cooperation
Regional competition
Regional integration

3. Regional Development, Institutions and Policy
Cooperative agreements
Development strategies
Employment and decent work
Trade and trade policy

4. Spatial Economics and Economic Evolution
Income distribution
Regional inequality
Spatial economics and economic evolution

5. Regional Education and Cultural Development
Gender and development
Health care and crisis
Human capital development

6. Regional Environmental Economics
Climate change
Energy security
Resource endowment and sustainable development

7. Regional Financing and Investment
Banking sector and reforms
Financing and investment
Financial institutions and markets

8. Regional Industrial Structure and Analysis
Digital economy
Industrial development and planning
Gig economy

9. Regional Innovation Network
Production networks
Regional value chains
Technology network

10. Urban/Regional Infrastructure Development and Planning
Sustainable mobility
Transport infrastructure and investment 
Urban development and planning

11. Urban/Regional Social Development and Planning
Labor markets and reforms
Population dynamics
Social security

Research articles, reviews, letters and case studies focusing on impact and challenges affecting regions and countries, rise of China and India as economic powers, regional economies of Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Regional Economic Groupings, global competition, multinational corporations, trade and investment pacts, disputes, and negotiations are welcome.