Regional Economic Development Research

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Regional Economic Development Research is an international, multidisciplinary journal focused on the regular problems in the development of regional economy. The journal exists to improve the understanding of economic, social, environmental and political implications of regional development. The main focus is on regional construction and planning, spatial structure and regional resource development.

More typical areas of interests include analysis of regional characteristics, evolution of industrial structure, population growth and movement, urban construction and layout, regional land planning, regional association and coordination of interregional interests, regional proportion relationship. Research articles, reviews, letters and case studies are mainly welcomed.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Informal Sector in India: Migration and Poverty Implications

by Arup Mitra

ABSTRACT: For assessing the role of urbanization in reducing poverty this paper based on secondary datatries to examine the nature of relationship among urbanisation, migration and informal sector...

Open Access Article

The Beveridge Curve in the Housing Market

by Lisi Gaetano

ABSTRACT: As opposed to a recent criticism (according to which a model à la Pissarides inherently generates a downward sloping Beveridge curve), this short theoretical paper shows that a baseline...

Open Access Article

Internal Relationship and Impact Path Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Based on China’s High-tech Industry

by Kai Zhao, Lixiang Wang

ABSTRACT: Innovation is the source of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the value embodiment of innovation, and the two are inseparable. At a time when dividends such as population, reform and opening...