Regional Economic Development Research, Volume 2 Issue 1 (2021), 1-95

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The Optimum Age of Retirement Index: The Case of Malaysia

by Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada, Rashid Ating, Yew-Joe Ho

ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a list of crucial factors that can be considered as a template for universal retirement plan. Malaysia is used as the base of our modeling. Nine crucial factors that are...

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How the Global Trade Linkages are Evolving? -Insight from Social Network Analysis Based on Global Multi-Regional Input-Output Model

by Kaiyao Wu, Chi Zhou, Dechun Yan

ABSTRACT: With the rise and fall of the trade shares of different countries in the world, does the trade network structure change at the same time? Do the dynamics of countries' positions differ in the...

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Rural Household Income: Who's Educational Attainment Counts?

by Ojide Kelechi Charity, Ojide Makuachukwu Gabriel, Ogbodo Joseph

ABSTRACT: Many factors contribute to household income; The key among them is education. This paper seeks to ascertain if there is any difference between the effect of education attainment of the household...

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Reasons and Realities of Health and Geographical Inequality in India: A Study of Inter-State Variations

by Dalip Kumar

ABSTRACT: The paper is an attempt to explain the global regional inequality of health indicators and regional variation among Indian states. This analysis will cover through a set of health indicators...

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Business Education and Training During the Enterprises' Digital Transformation: Notation Alignment and Equivalence Rules Among the Enterprises' Business Process Models

by Athanasios G. Lazaropoulos

ABSTRACT: Business process modeling attracts great importance in enterprises due to the need for a graphically simplified and less verbal way to manage their operations. Nevertheless, the existence of...

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The Empirical Analysis of Disease Burden and Wealth Creation in Nigeria

by Isuwa Festus Dading, Sowemimo Joy Eseosa, Mokobia Ngozi Alison, Mercy Ada Anyiwe

ABSTRACT: The study investigates the impact of disease burden on wealth creation in Nigeria using annual time series data ranging from 2006-2018. The different levels of integration of the data warrant the...

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Problems and Prospects of Himalayan Farmers and Farming: A Case Study of District Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir

by Avishake Raina, Vaishali Sharma

ABSTRACT: Agriculture is one of the fundamental features of the Indian economy. Agriculture along with its allied activities employs near about half of the population of India. The Himalayas form the major...