Regional Economic Development Research, Volume 5 Issue 1 (2024)

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External Debt and Poverty Headcount Ratio in West African Countries: Does Governance Matter?

by Michael Kouadio, Moukaila Mouzamilou Takpara, Romuald GUÉDÉ

ABSTRACT: This paper analyses the link between external debt and poverty headcount ratio in the fifteen (15) West African countries, taking into account governance. Using the feasible generalized least...

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A Comparative Assessment of the Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to Economic Development of Nigeria and Ghana

by Udi  Joshua, Tajudeen Olayiwola Busari, Alfred Ayodele Meseko, Afolabi Lukman Olajide

ABSTRACT: Generally, sub-Saharan countries suffer setbacks in regard to capital accumulation necessary to sponsor investment demands, thus promoting economic development. As a result, they look out for...

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Missing Transformational Place Leadership-Why High-Tech Industries are not Developed in Hong Kong

by Yifei Sun, Erik Baark

ABSTRACT: This paper adopts a place leadership perspective to examine the failed efforts of developing high-tech industries in Hong Kong. It demonstrates that it is challenging to change from transactional...