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Sustainable and Clean Buildings is an international, open access journal dedicated to the publication of research articles and review papers focused on building science, emphasizing the utilization of clean energy, efficiency, and sustainability. The primary objective of this journal is to showcase innovative and sustainable research findings and methodologies aimed at reducing energy demands while enhancing thermal comfort standards in buildings. Sustainable and Clean Buildings aims to spotlight scientific articles that significantly advance the science behind low/zero carbon buildings. Articles with high novelty, scientific rigor, innovative approaches, and validated experimental practices are the forefront of our interest. See more topics ...

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Open Access Article

Experimental Investigation of Internal Aerogel Insulation Towards Low/Zero Carbon Buildings: A Comprehensive Thermal Analysis for a UK Building

by Erdem Cuce, Pinar Mert Cuce, Christopher Wood, Mark Gillott, Saffa Riffat

ABSTRACT: Buildings are responsible for about 40% of total energy consumption in the UK. Decisive measures are taken to mitigate building-oriented energy consumption figures and greenhouse gas emissions....

Open Access Article

A Novel Moist Airflow Heating System for Low/Zero Carbon Buildings: a Numerical Study

by Pinar Mert Cuce, Saffa Riffat

ABSTRACT: As people spend a significant portion of their day indoors, ensuring comfortable interior environments has become an unavoidable reality. Heating assumes paramount significance in regions...