Improving Pre-service English Teachers' TPACK in Teaching Contest




pre-service teachers, TPACK, teaching contest


The development of pre-service teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) has attracted wide attention among scholars and teacher educators worldwide. However, few studies have explored preservice teachers' TPACK in the context of teaching contest. To fill the research gap, this study interviewed three preservice English teachers who participated in competitive teaching contest to uncover the influence of the teaching contest on their TPACK development. Findings suggested their TPACK was greatly developed through observations of role models, instructional design practice, peer collaboration, expert feedback, and self-reflection. Finding of the study enriched people's understanding of TPACK theory and provide valuable suggestions for pre-service teachers, university teacher training programs, and teacher educators to improve pre-service teachers' TPACK.




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Huang, F. ., Zhang, W., & Lv, K. . (2024). Improving Pre-service English Teachers’ TPACK in Teaching Contest. Social Education Research, 5(2), 205–216.