Social Education Research, Volume 2 Issue 1 (2021), 1-74

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COVID-19 and E-Learning: the Challenges of Students in Tertiary Institutions

by Emmanuel Aboagye, Joseph Anthony Yawson, Kofi Nyantakyi Appiah

ABSTRACT: Problems associated with the transition from conventional learning (face to face) to online learning (e-learning) in the educational system are well documented. The present study explores the...

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Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Online Instruction in the COVID-19 Era: Challenges of Tutors at Colleges of Education in Ghana

by Emmanuel Aboagye

ABSTRACT: Online learning (e-learning) is well established as one of the best pedagogical approaches in recent years. Despite numerous pieces of literature addressing the significance and limitations of...

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Psychological Resilience, Hope, and Adaptability as Protective Factors in Times of Crisis: A Study in Greek and Cypriot Society During the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Loucia Demetriou, Mirsiana Drakontaides, Hadjicharalambous Demetris

ABSTRACT: Various studies have assessed resilience in relation to risk and protective factors during periods of crisis, and have shown that values such as hope and optimism are significantly related to...

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Teacher Wellbeing During a Pandemic: Surviving or Thriving?

by Anna Dabrowski

ABSTRACT: As cases of COVID-19 surge across the world, research has begun to emerge which considers the implications of school lockdowns on student learning, engagement, and achievement. Yet as face-to-face...

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The Impact of the Covid-19 Social Isolation Measures on the Resilience and Quality of Life of Working Mothers

by Demetris Hadjicharalambous, Despoina Athanasiadi-Charchanti, Loucia Demetriou

ABSTRACT: The Covid-19 pandemic has caused feelings of desperation, fear, terror, anxiety while it has also brought radical changes in the quality of life and psychological health of people worldwide. The...

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Preparedness of Ghanaian Senior High School Instructors for Application of Online Learning in Social Studies Instruction amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

by Iddrisu Bariham, Samson Rosana Ondigi, Mueni Kiio

ABSTRACT: The COVID-19 pandemic brought about school shutdowns across the globe to prevent the spread of the virus. To avoid learning losses among students, online learning has been adopted by many...

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Parental Involvement in Children's Mathematics Learning Before and During the Period of the COVID-19

by Rita Panaoura

ABSTRACT: The pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has led to sudden and unexpected circumstances in education for all the involved people (pupils, teachers, education policymakers, parents)....