Social Education Research, Volume 3 Issue 2 (2022), 200-382

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Capacity Building Needs of Home Economics Lecturers for Computer Assisted Teaching of Pattern Drafting for Entrepreneurship in South East Nigeria

by Nwamaka N. Bob-Eze, D. O Arubayi

ABSTRACT: This study looked at the capacity development requirements of Home Economics teachers in South East Nigeria for computer-assisted pattern drafting training. A research question and a hypothesis...

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Teachers Perspective on Redesigning Social Studies Curriculum for Student-Centered and Constructivist Learning: Empirical Study of Secondary Schools, Northern Region

by Iddrisu Bariham, Evelyn Kuusozume Yirbekyaa, Anthony Bordoh

ABSTRACT: Effective, equitable, and student-centered Social Studies instruction occurs in an environment which is prepared and well designed for that purpose. The 21 st Century Social Studies curriculum...

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Institutional Dynamics and Skills Acquisition in School-Based Jewellery Education in Ghana

by Mohammed Kwaku Baidoo; Akosua Tachie-Menson, Harry Barton Essel

ABSTRACT: School-based jewellery education in Ghana started at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi-Ghana in 1968. Jewellery graduates are expected to practice as jewellers in...

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Blueprints to Accelerate the Student's Academic Motivation and Engagement in Health Education

by Nwankwo Nonyelum Stella

ABSTRACT: This study investigated ways to boost students' academic interest and involvement in health education. The study was designed using survey methods. Two research questions and hypotheses were...

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Teacher's Higher Education and Students' Achievements: A Research of the Perception of the Second Cycle Teachers in the New Juaben Area, Ghana

by Yeyie Patrick

ABSTRACT: The study's goal was to gather data on the perception of Social Studies teachers on whether higher educational background or qualification of teachers results in higher students' academic...

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The Elkonin-Davydov Curricular Approach: How Cognitive Development can be Driven by Cultural Tools

by Annabelle Black Delfin, Wenjie Wang

ABSTRACT: This conceptual paper examines the aspects of human development that are foundational to higher mental functions and how particular features of cognition essential for relational and other types...

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Quality Assurance in Private Higher Education Institutions in Ghana: Practices and Challenges

by Grace Ahenkan Arthur, Alfred Kuranchie

ABSTRACT: The study sought to unveil how private universities approach Quality Assurance (QA) practices (both internal and external QA practices) in order to achieve their institutional goals. To achieve...

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Stakes too High for Women? Gendered Examination of an Education Reform in Kenya

by Hang Thu Nguyen-Phung, Nahashon Nzioka Nthenya

ABSTRACT: This paper examines the relationship between women's education and their empowerment, using six waves of the nationally representative Kenya Demographic Health Surveys (KDHS). We utilize the...

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Implicit Theories of Intelligence and Achievement Goal Orientations: How are they Associated with College Student Academic Achievement?

by Scott C. Marley, M. Jeanne Wilcox

ABSTRACT: The present study considers social-cognitive theory constructs associated with implicit theories of intelligence and achievement goal theory concerning the academic achievement of first-time...

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Retention of Mother Tongue as Instructional Language at the Junior High School Level in Ghana: Teachers' and Students' Perspectives

by Ernest Nyamekye

ABSTRACT: The early-exit transitional education policy in Ghana demands teachers at the junior high school level to exclusively use English as the language of instruction. However, there are enormous...

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Assessing Pre-service Teachers' Attitudes towards Research Courses in Colleges of Education

by Jacob Issaka, Daniel Kwasi Hammond, Emmanuel Nomah, Duncan Dodzi Fiawoo

ABSTRACT: Research plays a critical role in the building of knowledge and solving of societal problems. This study seeks to assess pre-service teachers for research courses in the Colleges of Education in...

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Impact of Situated Learning Approach on Teacher Learning: Physical Education Teacher Trainees' Perception of Disability and Inclusion

by Jihoun An

ABSTRACT: Globally, educational inclusion for Students with Disabilities (SWDs) has been a rising movement since the 1990s. However, discourses on professional development processes that prepare teachers to...

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The Teacher's Cognitive Role in the Efficiency of Distance Education: A Case Study

by Athina Kazana, Stefanos Armakolas, Savvas Kazantzis, Jan Krotký

ABSTRACT: This paper aims to examine preservice teachers' views of the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPAITE) regarding the skills of online teachers-counselors and the effectiveness of...