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Cloud Computing and Data Science (CCDS) is an internationally reputed, open-access and refereed journal which highlights and publishes research findings on theory, designs and applications in cloud computing and data science. The topics of strong interest to our readership span the exploration of established and rapidly emerging topics, which include but are not limited to: green cloud computing, edge computing, big data, data mining, click here to see more...

Emphasis on novel research related to practical experience and application in these areas should be an essential aspect of contributions, rather than addressing theoretical aspects. High-quality original research paper, authoritative research review and short communications are mainly welcomed, survey papers and comments that offer up new insights and lay the foundations for further exploratory and are also accepted.

Latest Articles

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Improving Decision Quality for Business Users Based on Cloud-based Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools

by Christian Ploder, Reinhard Bernsteiner, Thomas Dilger

ABSTRACT: The ever-growing volume of data promotes data-driven decision-making in more cases and more areas than before. The development of user-friendly self-service BI (SSBI) tools enable business users...

Open Access Article

Applying Latest Data Science Technology in Cancer Screening Programs

by Lian Wen, Wuqi Qiu, Kedian Mu

ABSTRACT: Cancer screening programs have been implemented in many different countries for many years to collect information of the fatal diseases, to provide early diagnosis, to support medical research,...

Open Access Article

Evaluating the Effect of Studying Computer Ethics and Computer Ethics Rules and Regulations on Computer Ethics at Work

by Yas Alsultanny

ABSTRACT: With the increasing reliance on computer and Internet, the danger of cybercrime attacks was increased. This research paper aims to evaluate the effect of studying computer ethics and computer...

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Machine Learning by Data Mining REPTree and M5P for Predicating Novel Information for PM10

by Yas Alsultanny

ABSTRACT: We examined data mining as a technique to extract knowledge from database to predicate PM 10 concentration related to meteorological parameters. The purpose of this paper is to compare between...

Open Access Article

Security Challenges over Cloud Environment from Service Provider Prospective

by Wahab Dashti, Ahthasham Qureshi, Asma Jahangeer, Afia Zafar

ABSTRACT: Cloud computing becomes very popular and growing rapidly since the last few years, various information technology giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others speed up their growth in...