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Green Building & Construction Economics is a peer-reviewed online journal that publishes papers describing innovative academic theories and practical methods with development prospect in architecture industry and which focuses on the organic combination of green production, architecture and economics.

GBCE is a quarterly journal with research articles, reviews, letters, commentaries, editorials and conference reviews recorded in architecture industry. Among the topics considered by the journal are internal design and construction of the construction industry, construction and installation, energy consumption, material use, construction methods and operation management of the building.

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2D-CFD Analyses of Flow Controlling Plates on Gable Roof Geometry Cross-Sections for Light Air to Strong Breeze Wind Speed Classifications-an Unsteady RANS Approach

by Kasra Amini, Alireza Mani

ABSTRACT: The flow field analysis has been numerically performed on the effectiveness of a flow control mechanism called the Flow Controlling Plate (FCP) on buildings. For this purpose, the gable roof...