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Social Education Research publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers presenting research results, major achievements and trends involving all aspects of social education. Coverage included are social education and social development, social education resources and utilization, social education infrastructure construction, social education organization and management, social education stage and professional differentiation.

Interdisciplinary researches in social education and schools, family education, social education and social psychology, social education and law as well as social education and internet technology are also explored. Research articles, comments, criticisms, reviews, letters and other material deemed appropriate by the editors are mainly welcomed.

Latest Articles

Open Access Article

Environment Improvement: How Individual Efforts Lead to Community Participation

by Parul Goyal Wasan

ABSTRACT: The paper presents three case studies aimed at examining the factors relating to individual efforts within real life context in order to improve the sustainability of their environment, with the...

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Correlates of Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse

by Karlie E. Stonard

ABSTRACT: Technology-Assisted Adolescent Dating Violence and Abuse (TAADVA) has recently been recognised as new form of violence. However, little is known about the potential risk factors for TAADVA...

Open Access Article

A Study of the Perceptions of Teacher Trainees Towards the Two-Year Teacher Education Programme Being Run in India

by Adit Gupta, Ruchi Rakwal

ABSTRACT: The present study assesses the perceptions of teacher trainees towards the two-year teacher education programme being run in Jammu (India). The Teacher Trainees Perceptions Assessment...

Open Access Article

English Reading Proficiency of Engineering Undergraduates in Malaysia: Implications on Professional Training and Career Development

by Hui Min Low, Abdul Rashid Mohamed, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail

ABSTRACT: This paper reports the English reading proficiency of a sample of engineering undergraduates in a public university of Malaysia. A standardized online reading comprehension assessment, called...