Advanced Energy Conversion Materials

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Advanced Energy Conversion Materials (AECM) is an international multidisciplinary and open access forum for communicating scientific and technological advances on exploring new mechanisms of high-performance materials and devices to achieve higher conversion efficiency, energy storage and better safety and for publishing novel research findings of new materials that can be used to generate clean and renewable energy or to help manage problems from existing energy sources.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

2D and solar photovoltaic materials (organic, inorganic or hybrid materials);

Waste-water purification based on nanomaterials;

Nanosensors based nanomaterials for detection gas, liquid, and etc;

Electrochemical, electrode materials and electrolyte materials;

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Open Access Article

Dual-Layered Titanium Oxide-Acrylic Film on Carbon Black for Passive Radiative Cooling below Ambient Temperature under Direct Solar Irradiance

by G. N. Nwaji, H. O. Okoro, C. Ononogbo, M. Mohammad, S. Mbamalu, C. C. Nzelu, O. U. Emekwuo, C. Okwuosa, N. V. Ogueke, E. E. Anyanwu

ABSTRACT: Cooling is an energy-intensive process; and with the effects of global warming, space conditioning poses more load on the scarce and costly energy available for consumption in facilities. Thus,...

Open Access Article

Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy: A Pathway to Environmental Sustainability in India

by Subah Singh Yadav, Dinesh Kumar, Bashist Narain Singh

ABSTRACT: The term Sustainability moved fast and made a rapid stride across every corner of the world. The most impactful usage of the phrase 'environmental sustainability' was made by United Nations...