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Cloud Computing and Data Science (CCDS) is an internationally reputed, open-access and refereed journal which highlights and publishes research findings on theory, designs and applications in cloud computing and data science. The topics of strong interest to our readership span the exploration of established and rapidly emerging topics, which include but are not limited to: green cloud computing, edge computing, big data, data mining, click here to see more...

Emphasis on novel research related to practical experience and application in these areas should be an essential aspect of contributions, rather than addressing theoretical aspects. High-quality original research paper, authoritative research review and short communications are mainly welcomed, and survey papers that offer up new insights and lay the foundations for further exploratory and experimental work are also...

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Cricket Players Selection for National Team and Franchise League using Machine Learning Algorithms

by Md. Robel, Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan, Ishtiaq Ahammad, Md. Mahbubul Alam, Kamrul Hasan

ABSTRACT: Cricket player selection is a crucial task for both national teams and franchise leagues. Traditionally, selectors rely on their experience and knowledge to evaluate a player's physical fitness,...

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Machine Learning for Intrusion Detection in Ad-hoc Networks: Wormhole and Blackhole Attacks Case

by Aurelle Tchagna Kouanou, Theophile Fozin Fonzin, Franck Mani Zanga, Adèle Ngo Mouelas, Gerad Nzebop Ndenoka, Michael Sone Ekonde

ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the security concerns associated with Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) and proposes a new method for detecting and preventing attacks using machine learning. The study involved...

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Geochemical and Geospatial Distribution of Organic Contaminants in the Flood Plain of Ekpetiama, Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

by Davidson E. Egirani, Miebi M. Alaowei

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the geochemical and geospatial distribution of organic contaminants in the floodplain water and sediments of Ekpetiama in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. This study is...

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Fog-Driven Approach for Distributed Intrusion Detection System in Auditing the Data Dased on Blockchain-Cloud Systems

by Hanumantharaju R, Shreenath KN, Sowmya BJ, Srinivasa KG

ABSTRACT: Intrusion detection is a familiar phrase in the information and network security domain. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a device or software that will keep track of the networks, for...

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Exploring the Advancements in High-Performance Computing Paradigm for Remote Sensing Big Data Analytics

by Sudha SK, Aji S

ABSTRACT: The incredible growth in Remote Sensing (RS) data volume, with high spectral-spatial-temporal resolutions, has been utilized in various application domains. With the rapid advancements in modern...

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Decision Making: Models, Processes, Techniques

by Hamed Taherdoost, Mitra Madanchian

ABSTRACT: Decision-making is one of the steps in problem-solving that can be applied in manifold areas from personal situations to the management of organizations. There are functions and processes to lead...

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Smart Contracts Security Application and Challenges: A Review

by Fadele Ayotunde Alaba, Hakeem Adewale Sulaimon, Madu Ifeyinwa Marisa, Owamoyo Najeem

ABSTRACT: There has been a rise in the demand for blockchain-based smart contract development platforms and language implementations. On the other hand, smart contracts and blockchain applications are...

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Text Classification Using Deep Learning Models: A Comparative Review

by Muhammad Zulqarnain, Rubab Sheikh, Shahid Hussain, Muhammad Sajid, Syed Naseem Abbas, Muhammad Majid, Ubaid Ullah

ABSTRACT: With the fast popularization and continued development of web pages on the Internet, text classification has become a very serious problem in organizing and managing large amounts of digital text...