Cloud Computing and Data Science, Volume 5 Issue 2 (2024)

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DeepMetaDroid: Real-Time Android Malware Detection Using Deep Learning and Metadata Features

by Hashida Haidros Rahima Manzil, Manohar Naik S

ABSTRACT: The increasing prevalence of Android malware poses significant risks to mobile devices and user privacy. The traditional detection methods have limitations in keeping up with the evolving...

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Advancing Stock Market Predictions with Time Series Analysis including LSTM and ARIMA

by Ishtiaq Ahammad, William Ankan Sarkar, Famme Akter Meem, Jannatul Ferdus, Md. Kawsar Ahmed, Md. R. Rahman, Rabeya Sultana, Md. Shihabul Islam

ABSTRACT: Predicting stock market prices accurately is a major task for investors and traders seeking to optimize their decision-making processes. This research focuses on the comparative analysis of...

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Analysis and Prediction of COVID-19 Using Growth Analysis Models: A Case Study

by Kalimullah Lone, Shabir Ahmad Sofi

ABSTRACT: The coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak has added to the development of novel methods to study the epidemiological and predictive nature of the pandemic. Mining such data is necessary as this data...