Cloud Computing and Data Science, Volume 2 Issue 2 (2021), 20-55

Open Access Article

A Risk Analysis on Blockchain Technology Usage for Electronic Health Records

by Christian Ploder, Teresa Spiess, Reinhard Bernsteiner, Thomas Dilger, Rebecca Weichelt

ABSTRACT: Health data is one of the most valuable data and highly sensitive. Its careful handling is essential in today' s digitalized world and cloud technology use for sharing. Health Information Systems...

Open Access Article

Map Whiteboard Cloud Solution for Collaborative Editing of Geographic Information

by Karel Charvát, Runar Bergheim, Raitis Bērziņš, František Zadražil, Dailis Langovskis, Jan Vrobel, Šárka Horáková

ABSTRACT: For the purpose of exploiting the potential of cloud connectivity in geographical information systems, the Map Whiteboard technology introduced in this article does for web mapping what Google...